Lies, Damn Lies, Innuendos

In the days of fake news and relentless bashing of our President, no one escapes – not even a Vietnam War Marine Corps Veteran seeking a seat on the McHenry County Board.

From deep inside the halls of perversion once called our County seat – and from the lips of RINOs passing themselves off as loyal Republicans – come some very juicy, albeit completely untrue, rumors.

He’s a racist and a white supremacist.

The Left has never been that original, or clever, but simply using the same name- calling that they employ against the President of the United States won’t work in a community as small as the 6th district of McHenry County. Why, you ask?

This is why …….

This is my beloved wife of going on 26 years. She’s a Filipino. Born and raised near Manila in the Philippines until the age of 30 and now for many years a citizen of the United States. She was a LEGAL immigrant. She now works for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Who ever heard of a racist white supremacist happily married to a legal immigrant from the Philippines? Even someone with a silly pink hat can do better than that!

He was a ‘Right Wing Spy’ who worked for the CIA.

There’s no news like old news, and this one is ancient. Forty-two (42) years ago at the end of the Vietnam War the Cook County States Attorney’s office, in an effort to bring closure to the civil conflict which had enveloped the Country during the war, convened a grand jury to investigate allegations brought by the ‘Communist Party USA’, the ‘Socialist Workers Party’, and the ‘Young Socialist Alliance’. These outstanding pillars of democratic virtue (NOT!) alleged that they had been spied upon, harassed, and intimidated, as well as burgled.

They alleged that these acts had taken place during the years 1968 and 1969. Forty nine (49) years ago.

Many persons were called to testify regarding the allegations, including the head of the CIA, the head of the FBI, the Chicago police commissioner, the head of the 113th Army Intelligence unit headquartered out of Evanston, Illinois; dozens of Chicago police officers from its intelligence unit known as the ‘Red Squad”, and a handful of civilians who today would be called ‘government contractors’.  Back then these ‘contractors’ were alleged to belong to some super-secret and previously unheard of group known as the Legion of Justice.

I was one of those called to testify.

Fortunately I was occupied elsewhere in 1968, I was in Vietnam fighting other communists. Upon my return in late May of 1969 I enrolled at Northern Illinois University, where I studied Business Administration and participated in the fully legal activities of several Veterans groups. It is my participation with these veterans groups which I believe led me to being caught up in this very widely cast dragnet instigated at the behest of the communist left.

Long story short, even after all these years I can’t help but chuckle. The score was Spies and Cops: 1; Communists: 0.

No charges or indictments of any kind

No Fines

No Convictions

The Records of the Grand Jury were sealed by order of the Court and all who testified were sworn to never reveal the contents of the questions they were asked, nor the answers given.

Prior to my retirement, I put in twenty years of services with the Federal Aviation Administration as a critical power specialist at the Chicago TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control). All of the radar data for the whole of the greater Chicago area is processed there. The Critical power feed I maintained powered those radar processors. This job requires a clearance level similar to the secret level clearance I held in the Marines.

There were no ‘Right Wing Spies’ at the Chicago TRACON, either.