A Genuine Conservative Republican Pledges to Bring Community & Business Experience, Sound Judgment, and Know-How to Office.

Huntley Illinois – Monday, June 5, 2017–Orville H. Brettman of Huntley, former Village President of Carpentersville Illinois declared his candidacy for the McHenry County Board District 6 today.

“I’m encouraged and enthused to announce my candidacy for the McHenry County Board District 6. During my term as Village President of Carpentersville Illinois, I gained an understanding of the complexities of local government including its capabilities and limitations”.

“In my candidacy, I see a helpful and positive role for membership on the County Board, bringing clear consistent conservative input and voting”. Brettman said.

“Most importantly, a Board Member should be an advocate for the people of his District.  There are many issues that will come before us in the next four years; to my eye, the most critical are taxes, transportation, water and controlling government spending.  In addition, we need to never lose sight of all that makes McHenry County unique among the Counties of Illinois and strive to preserve the lifestyle of all of its citizens.”

“Secondly, a Board Member should be a vital and active communications link between the people and the County. In the many roles I have had during my life it has been my honor to have known and worked with business leaders, educators, farmers, craftsmen, and laborers, as well as scientists and students. Working with all manner of folks across northern Illinois. Gave me understanding of their needs and desires, as well as the immense satisfaction derived from working on their behalf”.

“Thirdly, having sat at the head of a Board of Trustees as President I know of the concerted effort required to do The People’s Business when opinions differ as they often do. Having been handed lemons more than once in my political career I’ve nonetheless always been successful in making lemonade”.

“Fourth, because of this experience, I have “people skills” that can be used to bring people together toward common goals and unity”.

“The issues before us continue to be balancing fiscal responsibility with sound judgment, and an ironclad determination to reduce taxes”.

“I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting citizens, and tackling challenges.”

About Orv

A life-long resident of Illinois who moved to McHenry County in 1980, Orv offers the Semper Fi loyalty and integrity of a Marine who fought in Vietnam, a National Guardsman and a life member of the NRA. With his wife, Anne, four children and 13 grandchildren, he has a deep appreciation for the importance of good jobs, affordable homes, good schools, safety, security and relief from the burden of onerous taxes.

An 18-year employee of the FAA, he’s seen and worked to cut bureaucratic waste. As President of Jukes and Shafer Inc, his business and financial acumen led the company to dramatic growth. A former business owner, he knows what it means to receive a paycheck and to sign paychecks. The 2nd Youngest Village President in Illinois history (Carpentersville), he knows how to ensure the government is working for the people. But, what do you really need to know about Orville Brettman?

He’s a true fiscal conservative and a political outsider who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what’s right while never losing sight of his role as a servant of the people of McHenry County.

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